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Human connection is scientifically proven to be necessary for our heart health, our mental health, and our community health. It is time for us to reconnect, and we can do this as slowly and comfortably as we know is right for us. River Yoga is here to offer that space. We want to create a safe and inclusive space for the community to reconnect with each other and with our own bodies. Our power lies in connection, not division.


Maybe you need calming of the nervous system, maybe you need a rigorous practice, maybe you just need a robust laugh…


When you are ready, join us in breath, laughter, and movement. 

Contact us any time for more information, we love hearing from you.


We are located in the Bank Block building at the corner of North 1st and Jackson Street, just South of MaGilliyCuddys. Street parking is plentiful on 2nd, East Main, N 1st or Jackson streets. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help any time. 

2006 1st Ave #212
Anoka MN 55303


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