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Please check the schedule for days, times and instructors available each week.


New Moon Gathering

This gathering celebrates and embraces the energy of the new moon through astrology reflections, intention setting, gentle movement, journaling, meditation, sound therapy and reiki. Please wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and bring your mat, a journal, and a pen. 

If you would like additional information on the personal implications of this lunation, be sure that you know your rising/ascendent sign ahead of time. If you don’t have this information already, you can look it up here: 

Mindfulness Flow

Kick off your Sunday with a flow of intention moving like a leaf floating in a soft breeze. Keeping your awareness at the center within while the body moves with the breath. Cristina will bring a different intention focus each month to help you build up to it each Sunday. All levels welcome!

Sculpt Yoga 

This practice combines repetitious strength building exercises to build muscle tone and increase cardiovascular health as well as yoga stretching to balance the strengthening. No weights are necessary! This class is an all-level class and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace. However you approach this practice will result in feeling strong!

Vinyasa Flow

Join Rachel and awaken your body and breath with intentional movement, strengthening, and stretch. poses are traditional Vinyasa poses held a bit longer and slower. This class will help you work toward steady and strong for the rest of your day!

Midday Gentle Flow

Break up your day with this lunchtime gentle yoga flow with Amy. Try this taster yoga for movement that will leave your head feeling clearer and your body ready to take on the rest of the day. This 45 minute yoga variation will include slow and smooth exercises and movement to improve body awareness, improve range of motion, and benefit your overall physical and mental health. Prenatal and postnatal modifications available.

Breathe & Meditate

This amazing class offers SO MANY beautiful elements of core yogic philosophies -- some gentle movement to arrive in our bodies. A deep dive into Yamas--the concepts of awareness that we practice in our thoughts, words and actions. Intentional breathwork combined with mudras and meditation. An absolutly perfect concert of philosophy, breath, and turning inward. You'd be surprised how powerful it can be to gain control of breath, to connect with the physiology of breathing, and to embrace the calm.


Restorative yoga allows us a much-need opportunity to relax, unwind, de-stress, breathe, and let go. The goal of restorative yoga is deep relaxation and rest that allows the body and mind space and time to heal. It is a nourishing practice that facilitates a shift into the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system. This restorative yoga class will typically consist of a short grounding practice involving body and breath awareness followed by passive yoga postures where the body is supported by props. Each posture will be held for approximately 5-20 minutes.

Morning Gentle Flow

This class is designed to get your week started off just right--some slow Vinyasa flows, some stretching, and strength-building. Perfect for beginners and folx looking to re-enter their practice!

Prenatal/Postnatal Flow--this class is paused until June

Led by Amy Bizal of Amy Bizal Wellnes, this prenatal class will provide you will an opportunity to develop greater awareness of your ever changing body, as well as deepen your relationship and connection with baby,

The flow of movement and postures provide much-needed relaxation during your pregnancy, as well as building strength and stamina for the months ahead. Breath work, meditation, and yoga poses help to create inner focus and awareness for a calm mind and body in preparation for the demands of labor. These practices will aid in the birthing process, thus reducing pain and increasing  preparation for an active and natural birth.

Candlelight Flow

A slower-paced practice in candlelight bringing together breath and movement. This practice is a perfect way to close the day and reconnect your mind and body. There will be some traditional Sun Salutations mixed with unique poses and sequences to help release the day. All levels are welcome, as there are prompts to help you ease out of poses, or go deeper... Your choice! 

WORKSHOP: Full Moon Circle

This gathering will include a discussion of astrology, gentle movement, journaling, ritual, and sharing – all to harness the powerful lunar energy of the Full Moon. Wear clothes comfortable for movement, bring your mat, a journal + pen, and any tarot/oracle cards if you have them.

Hatha Flow

The intention around this class is to release tension, tightness, and stuckness by bringing awareness to our breath, and listening to our bodies. We will work toward a practice of noticing our emotional body’s response to transition or endured poses.  We also infuse a bit of energy and physical body flow alignment, holding longer poses to promote release of long term stresses and tightness. All levels welcome!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga practices using breath to mindfully sustain poses and create space and rest in our deep tissue. We come together in community amidst discomfort in our bodies or otherwise, and support each other by simply showing up and being present to observe sensation and calm the central nervous system; always returning to our breath.  Other opportunities in this class may include: energy medicine practice, self-massage, and maybe even have an oracle deck to draw upon your own personal intention for class or the week ahead. 

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