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Honoring our individuality and authentic selves is a priority at River Yoga...
read below to learn more about our very unique instructors and their journey with yoga practice.



As the founder and owner of River Yoga, I opened our studio in an effort to bring community and healing to Anoka and beyond. My main focus of yoga guidance is Yin and Restorative as a tool to restore strength to our central nervous systems, as well as mental and immunity health. I have seen strong results in all kinds of people — extreme athletes, pregnant, blind, young and old… all varieties of practitioners.

I obtained my RYT at Yess Yoga in Minneapolis as well as certification with Veterans Yoga Project. 

As I always say, Can’t Wait to See You on the Mat! Join us in movement and health-strengthening in so many ways — Yin, Vinyasa, Strengthening and Breath.



I came to yoga for physical exercise but have stayed for the connection and spiritual growth that it fosters. One of my favorite concepts from yoga philosophy is svadhyaya, which means self-study. I believe that the work of meeting ourselves is lifelong. This work is what brings me back to my mat time and time again and is what led me to pursue teaching. My hope is to guide you in connecting not only with your body and breath but with your whole Self. 


I completed my 200hr Teacher Training from CorePower Yoga in 2017. I also work as a mental health therapist and I love using elements of yoga in my clinical work as well as integrating some of my clinical knowledge into my yoga classes. 



My interest in yoga came to me when I received a DVD and mat at only six years old! I’ve since embraced meditation and a true Vinyasa styles of yoga. Being a competitive swimmer all through school, I learned to listen to my body on a very deep level--after many sore muscles, I have found great relief in yoga. 


After battling depression through school years, I have found true happiness in the study of meditation--happiness not in material items but in self-care, self-love, and living in the present moment. I wish to be able to bring this happiness and love to everyone in the world.


Training and teaching includes: 200hr Ashtanga Teaching Training at Synergize Incorporated. Recently, I completed a 300hr training with The Meditation Learning Center. 

My hope is for students to be able to find a little bit of peace, no matter what is happening in the world, even for just a moment. 



My love affair with yoga started when I began to see it not just as an approach to physical health, but as a tool for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I realized I always left a yoga class feeling stronger, lighter, more connected, more forgiving, and more capable. I strive to  share that healing power with others, which is why I left my career in the legal world and became a yoga instructor! 
Most of my classes have a strong connection with breath and occasionally weave in somatics, mudra, mantra, and Himalayan Kundalini kriya into a physical practice that is accessible to all. 
My 200hr teaching certification was obtained at Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India; and currently working toward a 500hr certification at Yess Yoga in Minneapolis.



My passion for yoga was ignited in 2004 when I attended a Yoga Journal conference. Shortly afterwards, I received training through Yogafit and began teaching at Lifetime Fitness. I continued my education with Both Corepower and Lifetime.


For me, on a deep level, yoga has been a saving grace. It has helped me to embody my body; and has allowed me to release some deep held fears.


Through my practice, I have been reunited to a place of truth and unconditional love. It is my desire to help others find this place of peace within themselves as well.

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I am a busy mom to 3 and a wife to one of the most supportive men I know. My life can be a little hectic sometimes but I have found that embracing the chaos makes things go a lot smoother.

I've always had a passion for health and wellness and practicing yoga is something that consistently brings me joy. It wasn’t until I went through this transition of motherhood where I experienced how much yoga could play a big part in a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery,  that I knew I needed to pay this passion forward to help prepare women for pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

I’m passionate about everything, pregnancy, parenthood, and beyond. I love teaching our youth ways to acknowledge their feelings and tools to help them manage them. Yoga offers me the opportunity to do all of those things.

I am a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and am a Green Lotus certified kid yoga instructor. 



Dawn’s yoga practice began 20 years ago when other forms of physical activity left her feeling bored, uninspired and sore with few positive results. Yoga quickly became a constant in her life and in 2020 she completed her first 200hr yoga teacher certification. Since then Dawn has become a 500 hour registered yoga teacher with additional certifications in Reki (level II), mat Pilates, senior adaptive yoga, Trauma informed Yoga, and meditation. She is currently pursuing an additional certification in breath work. Her favorite classes to teach are Gentle, Yin and Hatha yoga, as well as meditation. 

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